Prepping, Pricing & Tagging Your Items

Gather & Prep Your Items

Gather your BEST items first. Start with the HIGH DEMAND items like baby gear, large plastic indoor/outdoor toys & lots more. Check out our list! 

Simple Pricing

Best way to price? Ask yourself “What would I pay?”

Prices begin at $2.50 and you decide if you’d like to “discount” it or not. If so, a red dot will print on your tag and during Discount Days it will be reduced accordingly. It’s a great option to sell more!

Tagging Made Easy!

6 tags print on a page, so tag 6 items at a time! A few common household supplies and cardstock paper are all you’ll need!

How to Tag Your Items

Making, Printing & Attaching Price Tags:



  • Descriptions are important. Brand: line 1 & a good description line 1 & 2
  • “Quantity” refers to more than one of the EXACT SAME item with EXACT SAME price (NOT the  number of items in your bundle. Multiple shirts on ONE hanger = ONE tag = ONE item)
  • DISCOUNT: a very good idea to increase sales. Click the box for a dot to print on the tag (ideally print in color!). Last days of pop up items are discounted.


  • Print on white CARDSTOCK paper or our Sticker Tags. (Regular paper is flimsy and your tags will fall off. Colored paper is difficult to scan barcodes).
  • Low quality printing is best so the barcode scans (Use “Draft” mode)
  • Ideally, print all “discounted” tags in color so the “dot” is red. If “No Discount” prints on the tag then discounting is NOT flagged in the barcode so do not try adding your own “dot.” Black or red dots are acceptable.
  • Select the “Print as PDF” option. Print a test page on regular paper first. Sometimes you need to adjust your printer settings. 6 tags should print on one page (usually adjusting the “zoom”  helps if your printer is giving you a headache)  😉
  • Optional “sticker tags” are specially formatted & make for fast tagging. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. Email Kelli at
Attaching Tags: TIPS
  • Use a safety pin, tagging gun, sticker tags or tape to attach price tags
  • Tape is only for plastic or hard items!
  • Put the tag in the SEAM or in the manufacturer’s tag. DON”T make a hole in the center of the item.
  • Test the tag: if it’ll fall off at home, it’ll fall off at the sale.
  • Large Items too hard to carry: bring the tag with you & attach to a Claim Ticket at drop off.

How to Price Your Items

Pricing Your Items to SELL

Pricing: TIPS
  • Shoppers decide what they’ll buy
  • What would YOU pay for the item?
  • Price, Age, Condition: how shoppers decide
  • Prices begin @ $2.50. Bundle items to increase value
  • DISCOUNT IT: select the discount box so it’ll be discounted on the last days, if it hasn’t sold.
  • Check out this pricing guide for help.

How to Prep & Hang Your Items

Hanging, Bundling, Packaging & Preparing Your Items: 

Prepping Your Items: TIPS
  • 6 tags print on a page. Work with 6 items at a time
  • Shake Test: if it falls off the hanger, pin it to the shoulder or get a larger hanger
  • Hole Test: if your kids can poke a hole in the bag to get to the toy, use clear packing tape over the ziploc bag
  • Shoes: zip tie, rubber band, safety pin together, when possible. Infant shoes can go in a ziploc bag
  • Books: saran wrap/ziploc bundles together & tape over the saran wrap/ziploc
  • Puzzles: saran wrap around puzzle (no cardboard box puzzles are accepted unless new)
  • Games: put pieces in ziploc bags, include manual, keep it organized. Don’t tape it closed. We will do that after inspection
  • Elecronics: must turn on! If it’s tiny, tape it to a large piece of cardboard, then put it in a ziploc bag. Tape the bag so holes can’t be made
  • Accessories: headbands, socks, bibs, etc are best attachd to an outfit. NO fabric clothing items in bags. Bundle multiple similar accessories and tag as one item.

Pinning Outfits

Save time & resources!

  • Price a shirt & pant as one item (one price tag)
  • Price several shirts or several pants as one item (one price tag)

When hanging multiples on one hanger:

  • Hang the first item on the hanger like usual
  • Flip the hanger over. Pin the second item (shirt/pants/skirt) THROUGH the first item, picking up the “shoulder” part of the hanger then come BACK through the first item catching the second item. (Large safety pins work best).
  • Nothing falls off, it doesn’t slide around on the hanger, you saved resources & time!

Hanger Faces Left

Make sure when hanging clothing that the “hook” of the hanger faces to the left! 

(It’ll resemble a “question mark” when looking at the front of the garment.)

Tagging Supplies

Household Supplies

What are some common supplies you’ll need to tag your items? 

  • hangers (any type!)
  • safety pins
  • packing tape
  • ziploc bags
  • saran wrap or packing wrap
  • white cardstock paper and/or sticker tags
  • scissors
  • Baby wipes, etc to clean it up!

Optional Sticker Tags

Simply print, peel & stick. Easy!

 (DeAnn went from printer to finished on 75 items in under 10 minutes!) Yes, they work on clothing, too! 6 tags per sheet

Note: not intended for shoes, thick/textured fabrics or silky/fragile fabrics or any item where the tag will not lay flat.

These are purchased from an outside source so please allow 5-10 business days for shipping.  To purchase, email Kelli at

Fewer than 25 sheets: $0.50 each; 25 or more sheets: $0.45 each