Kids outgrown their clothes?

Toys no longer needed? Out of the baby phase?

Join a community of families who buy & sell from one another.

Local. Sustainable. Fun. (And profitable, too!)

How Does it Work?

  • Every family prices their own items (we have tips to help you). Prices begin at $3
  • Bring your items to the venue and put them on the sales floor.
  • Receive a shopping pass for Consignor Night (consignors always shop first)
  • Unsold items can be retrieved or we will donate them on your behalf.
  • Receive a fast PayPal deposit for 70% of your sales (options to help sell your items are available for deposits up to 80%). Mailed checks are also available.
  • A $15 Consignor Fee is deducted from your deposit, just like in past seasons
  • NEW:  Become a “premier consignor”!  Add shifts for extra percentages, earlier shop times & to waive the $15 Consignor fee. Adding optional shifts is a GREAT way to sell more, earn more, shop earlier & have the Consignor Fee waived ($0 deducted)

What You Can Sell

  • Infant-size 18 clothing, shoes, toys, baby gear, etc
  • All items must be clean, without defects, and current style.
  • Toys, baby gear & other electronics must turn on & be in good working order.
  • See a complete list here.

Ready to Get Started?

  • REGISTER.  This gives you a Consignor Number, an online account to generate price tags & more
  • Begin hanging & prepping your items. Refer to the Consignor Guide for help
  • Schedule your appointment to bring your items to the venue
  • Add (optional) shifts to help sell your merchandise for a higher deposit, earlier shop time & to waive the $15 Consignor Fee. (This makes you a “Premier Consignor!”)

Need the Valet Service?


Have high quality brands & in demand merchandise? Want someone else to tag for you? Request our Valet Tagging Service!

  • A Valet Tagger will meet you to pick up your high quality, stain-free items (refer to the Items Accepted list)
  • They will tag it, prep it & deliver it to the venue.  You register online for a consignor number.
  • You receive 50% of the selling price, provide batteries & hangers (or buy them from your Valet Tagger) and shop with consignors.
  • Spots are limited so if you are interested, please reach out soon!